Thursday, January 29, 2015

Poppin' Tags

First of all, for those of you that don't get the "poppin' tags" reference in the title:

(Language warning:  F-bombs and more await...)

Mad props to Macklemore for making thrift store shopping cool.  

I've been a thrift store shopper for years.  My favorite shopping quote has always been "a true shopper never pays retail".  

It's about more than the price, though.  Thrift shopping is recycling at its best.  There was a time, not  so long ago, when clothing was worn til it wore out.  My grandmother made quilts out of her old dresses, and saved all the buttons in a tin.  Those quilts are dear to me because each quilt square is a memory:  I remember her wearing the red dress with an anchor pattern, the blue dress with white polka dots.  And that tin of buttons?  Not only did I play in it, counting each button or looking with amazement at some really odd ones, but so did my kids.  

A lot of people are horrified at thrift store shopping, and feel its gross to wear used clothes.  Ever rented a tux?  Used.  Slept in a hotel bed?  Used.  So, really, it's not so gross.  Besides, I'm a homesteader, and anyone that's ever shoved their hand into a dead chicken is not so easily grossed out. 

Years of living the homesteading lifestyle, with no use for dress clothes, left me with a closet full of Carhartt and flannel.  Once upon a time I owned dress clothes, but every closet purge depleted the stock until none were left.

And then I went back to the office world.

I've been slowly rebuilding my "corporate wear".  Our office is "dress casual", so things like khakis are fine.  Freelancing, I wear whatever the occasion demands, but can usually pull off a nice pair of jeans and a dressy top.

Thrift store shopping is like playing bingo, sometimes you get lucky, and sometimes you don't.  I've been to the shop, which is about the size of your average Target, and not found a single thing that fit.  Then there are days when I hit the jackpot and bring home a bag of goodies.

I just had one of those jackpot days...

The haul included 16 tops (some were for Little Sis), six pairs of dress pants, two dresses, a prom gown (also for Little Sis), two skirt-suit combos, a hat and scarf, four shirts and four pants for the grandbabies, and 7 books.  Most of the clothes were designer; the Jones New York suit retails for over $200. I paid $2.50.  The grand total came to just under $70.  The prom gown was $10, the most expensive item, but a bargain nonetheless.

Now to find a place to put it all...


Lynda D said...

Now that is great shopping. No problem with used, i just hate shopping, anywhere. My husband is lucky as unlike many other women i dont pine for blingy things nor grooming events every few weeks. I work in a factory of men wearing fluro and overalls and so as the only female its jeans, tops and runners. My only vice is my garden which takes us to a big hardware store each week. It is our weekly date and there is usually coffee and cake involved.

pkquilter said...

Great Job!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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Country Wife said...

Pkquilter: Thanks!!

Lynda D: I've always hated shopping myself, but the thrift shop is so much like a treasure hunt that it's not too bad. The mall, on the other hand..egads. Shoot me. And now I have to go google to see if fluro is the same as flannel. lol