Monday, January 26, 2015


Sorry..that's my favorite version.  What can I say, I love Shrek.

But yeah, changes.  I was just finishing a tweet...seriously...and I realized, wow, things really have changed.

CountryWife has gone from a sort-of-secret blog to something I'm proud to share with the world.  And me, the gal who eschewed all social media, has, thanks to her job, embraced Facebook and yes, even Twitter.

Get ready...any minute the other three horsemen of the apocalypse will appear...

Yep...there's one now....


A few years ago, the woman carrying the chainsaw, with sawdust in her hair, would have chased you around the yard while laughing maniacally if you dared suggest she would one day be wearing dress clothes and pantyhose again.

Dress clothes, a gym membership, and fuel oil.  What has the world come to??

Oh look...another horseman of the apocalypse approaches...

It's not like I never use the chainsaw anymore.  I do.  I just don't *have* to.  Fuel oil, after years of wood burning, is like magic.  Seriously, it's some kind of voodoo.   Just push a button and the house gets warm.

I feel like a city girl.

But it all goes to show that we never know what life holds in store.  I love writing for a living, and editing, too.  Sure, some days it's stressful, with deadlines and standing in the cold to get a story, but it's fun and interesting, too.

My goal now is to find balance.  I don't want to be the career girl.  But I don't want to be a slave to my farmstead, either.  I want to spend my free time in the woods, or dressing as a fairie for Ren Fests, or just having a quiet cup of coffee.  I want to work on the house and have a *reasonable* garden...although I'm still working out what falls under "reasonable".

I could never give up gardening or homesteading or writing...I just have to make room for it all.


(Yes, it's my blog, and I can abuse the ellipsis as much as I like, thank you very much.)


Lynda D said...

and isnt that the whole point - having the freedom to make your own choices on how you want to live your life. Along for the journey and the laughs, just sayin.

Country Wife said...

Yes!! Well said!!