Thursday, September 18, 2014

Winter. Blech.

I don't even want to think about winter. Ever.

But now the temps are dipping, the leaves are falling in earnest (poor earnest, stuff happens to him all the time), and I'm pretty sure we've had a light frost, judging by the state of the garden.

Then, I see something shared on Facebook, that evil, time-sucking vortex of idle chit chat and random facts, that said this winter is predicted to be "catastrophic". Erm. What??

Last winter...well, you were there. It was cold. Miserably cold. As in the devil-wears-a-fur-coat-cold.

This winter may be worse, I'm told. Um, no thank you. Please pass the spring with a side of sunshine and I'm sorry but I'm currently living winter-free and will absolutely not do well if I partake of said winter, thank you very much.

So..yeah..winter. More snow than ever seen this century, I hear. Power outages, snowed-in, can't get to walmart kind of snow. Sigh.

Time to stock up firewood. I have *no* time to cut wood, and I'm hoping my firewood guy can deliver. What a year to decide to go back to fuel oil, right? So we are hoping to double up, getting the firewood first and the oil second, if we can even get any oil after last year's shortages.

If this winter turns out to be a false alarm, fine. The wood will keep. In fact, I'm perfectly willing to hand over all that wood in exchange for a mild winter of nothing below 60 degrees. What do you say, Mother Nature, do we have a deal?


Lynda D said...

Not sure what is better, we are headed for a scorcher. It was so hot here last summer i left a long awaited camping holiday half way through to come home to air con.

Country Wife said...

Maybe we should trade off halfway through the season? ;)