Sunday, October 5, 2014

A comment on the weather...

Um..what the heck, Mother Nature??

Yesterday, October 4, it SNOWED.

Picture me at the office, where the windows don't really reveal a lot other than tires and feet, as Big Sis phones to ask if she's lost her mind, or is it snowing.

"You're on crack," I reply. (See how nurturing I can be?) "It can't be snowing. It's just now October," I say.

"Yep, freezing rain or something," says a coworker, as I go to open the door and peek outside.

By the time I'd left work, stopped at the grocery story, and wheeled my overflowing cart into the wind, it was pouring some sleet/freezing rain kind of voodoo mixture. What. The. Heck.

It was a balmy 40 something out. Why was it snowing/ sleeting/ pooping ice cold things from the sky??

I loaded my car with groceries and ice pellets. Well, the pellets stowed away, actually, and then transformed into blobs of frigid wetness, soaking grocery bags, the upholstery, and my clothes as I shivered and cranked up the heat. Unloading groceries packed in wilting paper bags is not fun, by the way.

Winter. It's coming. I'm moving south.

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Lynda D said...

Too Funny, but the opposite is happening here (Oz). Its only just Oct and we are getting 30 degrees Celsius!!! We are told we are heading for another hot one this summer.