Thursday, March 7, 2013

One of those days

Ever had one of those days?  You know, the kind of day that makes you wish you'd just stayed in bed, where it was safe and warm and cushy?  But also the kind of day that, had you stayed in bed, the frame would've collapsed and you'd be dumped, unceremoniously, in a big tangle of quilts and bed rails?  Yeah, yesterday was one of those days.

It wasn't all bad.  I did start blogging again, and I got a start on recovering some cushions, got the housework done, etc.  It was just little things that made me glad the day was over and I could go to bed.

I woke to the smell of cat pee.  Gross.  And I don't even have an inside cat!  I finally discovered the source:  a cat, either one of ours or an interloper, had sprayed the dryer vent.  Sadly, I had left a load of towels in the dryer overnight.  ICK!  They all had to be re-washed. *sigh*

The snowstorm that was predicted to dump up to 9 inches of snow on us passed with a whimper and a  mere two inches of snow.  But the warmer than usual temps made for some super slick driving.  It didn't snow enough to cancel Little Sis' volunteer obligation, so I dropped her off...and got the truck stuck in the driveway when I got back.  Eöl got to play hero to my damsel in distress (not something he gets to do very often), so it worked out ok.  And I didn't feel too bad, since he couldn't get the truck all the way up the drive, either.

I spent most of the day wearing my glasses, which I hate, because I'm pretty sure I'm getting an eye infection.  At first, I thought my eye was just itchy from allergies.  But yesterday it was bad enough to leave the contact lenses out and call the eye doctor.

And to top off my less than perfect day:  Those cushion covers I got started on?  Well, I stepped on the needle.  I'd gotten up for something and put the needle on the table, but the thread must've caught on my clothes and ended up in the floor.  I came back in the room and was promptly skewered.  Not a little prick, either.  I had to yank it out by the thread.  Ouch!

Not too long afterward, I gave up and went to bed.

I know..things could always be worse...and they sometimes are.  It was just a day of annoyances, and it was probably best to get them all over with at once.  lol

I give props to my friends from NC, though, for cracking me up more than once and making my day a little brighter. Thanks, guys!!

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Jen said...

That's what we're here for dear! ;)