Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Spring! Ok, not yet, but soon!!!

Finally, the seeds are planted.  I'm way, way, way behind.  I started a lot of these in January last year.  But, I've decided not to do the market this year, so I really didn't have to rush.  For market, the bigger plants sell better.  But for me, they don't have to be quite so huge just to put them in the ground.  

I started these last week, and already I have signs of life!! It's alllliiiiivvveee!!! Bwhahahaha!!!

Not as many as last year. *snicker*  So far, only 18 trays (72 cells each), plus the three trays with only six cells each...let's see....carry the one....naught plus naught equals naught...that's 1314 seedlings!

Here's what I've started so far. Ok, you don't have to look; it's mostly here in case I lose my notebook...again...or the pages somehow (dropped in the water bucket??) get wet....


Riesentraube (24)
Striped German (60)
Great White (30)
Moskvich (24)
Eva Purple Ball (18)
Black Prince (24)
Amish Paste (24)
Striped Cavern (18)
Reif Red Heart (6)
Roma (144)
Sungold Cherry (60)
Siletz (12)
Oregon Spring (36)
Rutgers (36)
Celebrity (72)
Beefsteak (42)
Delicious (30)
Homestead (24)
Large Red Cherry (30)
Yellow-White Cherry (18)
Indigo Rose (72)
Sweet Pea Currant (72)

Jalapeno (36)
Habanero (36)
Grand Bell Mix (24)
Keystone Resistant Giant (24)

Ground Cherries (72)

Queenette Basil (6)
Mrs Burns Lemon Basil (6)
Blue Spice Basil (6)
Catnip (6)
Woad (24)
Wintergreen (6)
Henna (6)
Amethyst Basil (36)
Genovese Basil (36)
Calendula (12)
Lemon Gem Marigold (24)

Spice Bush (18)
Lupine (12)
Columbine (6)
Gayfeather (12)
Knifofia (12)
Brown Eyed Susan (12)
Creeping Zinnia Vanilla Sprite (12)
Larkspur (12)
Wildflower mix (24)
Ornamental Grass (6)

This guy wandered in and has been hanging around the past few days.  He belongs to a neighbor, but he's always welcome here.  When the roosters crow, he puts in his two cents worth with a loud "gobblegobblegobble!!".  The same gobble that's been waking me up every morning, right under my window.     lol He's a Narragansett, I think, and is very calm and friendly.  When we invest in turkeys, that's the breed we'll go for.


Carolyn said...

I've always liked those turkeys, very pretty! And wow, that's a lot of little green seedlings! You thought YOU were late; I JUST yesterday started SOME of mine. I've been a total sloth lately.

Country Wife said...

It's just the time of year for sloth, I think, since everyone I know is suffering the same malaise. Must be our bodies resting up for the spring rush. :)