Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Garden and weather notes

It's August.  It's been August all month.  At least that's what my calendar says; you sure can't tell by the weather.  We went from 20 degrees F above normal to 10 degrees F below normal.

  I. am. freezing.

Yes, it's only been as low as 68 or 70 during the day, but after those super high temps, it just feels COLD.  The nights that dip into the 40s, when I can see my breath, require full flannel pajamas...and socks.  Yep. Sexy. *rolls eyes*

So here we are, when the weather is usually the hottest and I'm usually canning like a mad woman (I do everything like a mad woman...go figure) with the air conditioning and the canner duking it out in the middle of the house.

Not this time.

I have a third of the tomatoes in my kitchen that I had this time last year.  A majority of those aren't even ripe yet, but were picked to save them from The Mysterious Garden Creature that has been sampling my produce.  When I eventually capture said Creature, I will wear it's skin.  That'll learn 'em.

Anyhoo....thanks to the drought, the garden just didn't produce as well as it normally does.   To add insult to injury (don't you just love idioms? no? sorry, it's that kinda day) we are most likely headed for an early frost.

I suppose it's just as well.  I've been so busy lately that I haven't had time for much canning.  Maybe things will calm down a bit after this week.  ((that sound you hear is my maniacal giggling as I look at my schedule for next month...I don't think I have a single free day.))  But hope springs eternal.  (Oo look, another idiom...or cliche...or whatevertheheck).

We do have some warmer weather rolling in.  I've already heard people complaining and it's not even here yet.  The majority of people prefer this frigid weather.  Weirdos, all of them.

I hope to do some decent garden notes in my upcoming free time. (There's that sound again.)

Now back to cleaning off my desk.  Look out!! Avalanche!!!


LyndaD said...

Hi There, humour a girl from down under. When you northern folk talk about canning do you actually mean "tin cans". We preserve using Fowlers jars with tin lids but do not use cans. Do you follow the blog Farm Fresh Eggs. You and Shelby are both in Ohio and would get on like a house of fire (yep, love those idioms). I have a Aspie son who doesnt understand them and its surprising how often we use them in normal conversation, especially us Aussies who coloquialise everything.

Country Wife said...

Oddly enough, I was wondering myself why we call it "canning" when the stuff actually goes into jars. We use glass jars, with the metal lids and rings.

I will have to check out that blog! Thanks!

And thanks for the comment!