Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Bees are busy.  Hummingbirds are busy.  Me? I'm positively manic lately.  I thought I was busy in the spring.  Ha!

I haven't even done much canning yet.  The tomatoes that survived the lack of water aren't all ripening at once, so I've only managed a couple of batches of salsa.  That's ok.  I'm cool with that. I don't have the time to do much canning right now.

Two farmers' markets have kept me jumping this season.  I have enjoyed it, though.  But wow.  It seems I am running every day from the moment my feet hit the floor.  Especially today.

Here's sort of how my day went:

Wake up. Look out window.

Notice rabbit chewing water bowl, so go outside to check on rabbits.  Feed rest of critters while I am outside, move chicken tractors, clean water bowls, etc.

Start coffee.

Shower, get dressed (in work clothes).

Mop living room and kitchen...while I still had a towel on my head from the shower.

Finally dry hair.

Start packing up the produce I'd picked and washed the night before.

Chipmunk arrives, so I watch 'munk chase the mean duck around the yard for a few minutes before we come inside.

Finally sit down for some coffee with Eöl, in the playroom, so we can watch Chipmunk without having to chase around the yard.

Hand off Chipmunk to Little Sis so I can start loading truck for market.

Little Sis hands off to Eöl so she can get her shower.

Rush in to put frozen pizzas in oven, check on Chipmunk.  Chipmunk and Eöl have made up a game of "name that color" which somehow involves crayons all over the playroom floor.  It's too cute for me to fuss.

Rush outside to finish loading plants.

Rush inside to check pizzas and gather produce to load.

Finally get loaded, get pizzas out of oven (some days you just gotta love convenience foods!), and get Chipmunk settled in for lunch.

Eat, feed Chipmunk, wear at least half of each bite of Chipmunk's pizza.

Bathe one sticky, pizza covered Chipmunk, rush to dress wiggly toddler (it's like trying to dress an eel some days!!) and play while waiting for Little Sis to take the hand-off so I can change clothes.

Get changed, rush out the door, watch adorable good-bye routine between Chipmunk and Eöl, and load toddler, Little Sis, and last minute market items in truck.

Drop sleeping Chipmunk off at home, with lots of kisses and hugs and promises to settle down for some decent playtime tomorrow.  I hate days we have to rush around and I can't just play with or snuggle 'munk.

Rush to market, unload truck, set up displays, and spend the next 10 minutes making signs for new products as customers start to trickle in.

A pretty busy day at market...always a good thing!

Rush home, unload truck, lock up animals for the night.

Finally sit down for some food and checking of emails, etc.

And now I'm headed in the kitchen to put up the leftover produce, wash dishes, and start more laundry.

What I really want is to fall straight into bed.  *sigh*


Carolyn Renee said...

I just woke up and I'm already tired from reading your post.
It will be more calm in the winter, right? Right?! Please say things slow down eventually!

Country Wife said...

I'm hoping...but I doubt it. :)