Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Spring.  Hectic, rainy, chilly, beautiful spring.

We've had some nice days.  Last weekend was beautiful.  This week, not so much. Wet. Icky.  Gross.  Chilly. You pick.

But hectic, always hectic.  My down time is now, with a sleeping Chipmunk in my lap.  If I weren't sitting here, I'd be asleep, since cuddling a sleeping baby is better than a cup of warm milk for knocking you out.

I've gone back to work.  I know; I said I wasn't going back this year.  But my boss called and asked if I was available, even just a few hours a week, because business is booming.  Since I'm not needed to help with Chipmunk every day, I said ok.  I knew I'd go if she asked.  I love it there.  It wears me out, and spending a chilly day soaking wet isn't always my favorite, but still, I love it.  All. Those. Plants.  I'm a plant junky.  There's just no other explanation.  Well, the people are a lot of fun, too, but if we were shoveling burgers instead of dirt, I think I'd pass.

I only have one weekend before market, and still tons to do. Getting things organized is harder than I'd expected.  With the greenhouse as packed as it is, setting up market items is tricky.  I still need to do my signage, and open my canopy to make sure it's not mildew covered or mouse infested from the winter in the garage.  I need to find my supplies for setting up the booth: tablecloths and fabric covers for the crates, baskets and bowls for displays, bottles of wine for my frazzled nerves, and tons of gel for my wet-weather frizzy hair....oh, and change! I can't forget to get change.  Of course I'll spend half that on the Amish lady's donuts and the Cheese Guy's... cheese.  What, you thought maybe Cheese Guy sold something else??

None of us at the market have actual names, you know.  There's Garlic Guy, Cheese Guy, Donut Lady, Jelly Lady, Syrup Guy, Bread Lady, Cut Flower Lady, and I think I'm The Lady With The Cute Booth, since that's what everyone stops to tell me.  Maybe I should charge them a buck each for telling me that? Then I'd be making some money!

I need to print out info about each tomato variety.  That should be easy, there are only 28.  *rolls eyes*  Actually, now that I think about it, two full size and most cherry size tomato plants won't be for sale, so that narrows it down some.  Yes, I'm hogging the Roma and Celebrity for my own garden, as well as most cherry varieties.  I'll sell cherry tomatoes later on in the season, so I need all the plants.  And then there's the Tomatosauras Rex to consider, stomping through my garden looking for tiny tomato treats.  Maybe I can get a shot of the elusive beast for my blog this summer.

So...that's my update. While the notorious 'munk is still snoozing, I guess I'll get to work on that signage.


LyndaD said...

OK, Country Wife, greetings from Down Under. Arrrhh I've only read one post and I've got to ask - do you really have a chipmunk on your lap - well how would I know, it could be code for a baby. You US ladies have some strange wildlife so Im just asking. I mean truly, I've got a joey in the next room. ????

Country Wife said...

LOL Chipmunk is, indeed, code for my sweet little grand baby.

Do you really have a joey?? Or is that also a baby code?

Welcome to the blog, by the way! I've been to Australia..beautiful place!!