Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Country Wife, where have you been?

 Well, I've been working, gardening, caring for Chipmunk, and prepping for the  first day at market.  Forget housework; this place is a pig sty.  It's a good thing we now have a washer and dryer, or we'd be naked, because I sure don't have time for hand-washing anymore.

I'm finished with work for the season, and scrambling like a maniac to get things caught up here at home.   Then there's the market....

Here's how the truck looked before market:

This is one side of the back seat.  Oh, yeah, remember those hanging baskets from the previous post?  They grew a bit.

This is the view from the other side of the back seat.

This is the front seat.  Little Sis had to hold this crate in her lap.

This is pretty much everything that was left over.  No plants in the truck cab on the way home, either!

It's funny, because after I took those pics of the back seat, I walked into the garage, closed the door, and stood face to face with...the canopy I use for market. Oops! I had to unpack the plants and wedge the canopy in the back seat, then re-pack the back seat.

I'm pleased with the way the market is going.  I know it won't continue once planting time is over, but I'll take what I can get.

I'm happy with my greenhouse.  Those pics I posted of plants now seem tiny compared to what I'm lugging in and out of the greenhouse.  Just look at the hanging basket pic for comparison.  I'll try to post a few more if I remember to take the camera out with me.

In other news.....

Am I the only one this happens to?? When I have to be up super early the next morning, something...or several somethings...contrive to keep me awake until the wee hours.  One night, something went after my guineas.  Eöl came home to find me in the field, in the middle of the night, in my pajamas, carrying a shotgun and a flashlight.  (He says that's why I'm his kinda woman lol)

Another night, the dogs barked incessantly at their own fluffy butts or something equally unimportant.

Then there's the big dog that likes to wake me several times during the night to take her outside.  If I don't wake up when she nudges me, she gets a big slurp of water and comes back with a VERY wet nose to stick in my sleeping face.   The best part is that she always wakes me somewhere between 30 minutes to an hour before my alarm goes off, which leaves me wide awake and ready to strangle wild animals with my bare hands  face the day.

One night, I got it all at once:  It stormed.  Big, major, house-shaking-window-rattling-freaking-out-the-dogs thunder, lightning that sounded like it was hitting everything in the yard, and wind that I was sure would blow the plants, already loaded for market, right out of the truck.  The big dog kept her wet nose in my face, just to be sure I stayed awake for the scary booms.  The little dogs barked like mad, just to let the thunder know they were head noise makers in this household.  The raccoons and coyotes took full advantage of the cover noise and headed right into the sleeping guinea flock, which in turn caused enough squawking to wake the dead, as if even the dead could rest in peace around here.  Me, I just put a pillow over my head and prayed for sleep.  Three and a half hours later, the alarm went off.

And people wonder why I am always tired.  *sigh*

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