Sunday, May 6, 2012


What a tangled web we create
When transplanting
We procrastinate

Yep.  I'm a poet, dontcha know it.  Can you believe that tangled mess?  I should've transplanted those babies weeks ago.  Those roots will actually work to my advantage, though.  I put the plants in larger containers, and the stems were pliable enough to sort of wrap around the inside of the pot.  That will be a nice root system in no time.

This nice looking flat went to a new home today.  Yes, those plants really are as big as they look.  (she brags, unashamedly)  That's an adult size chair the flat is in, and the plants came all the way up the back.

The hanging pots look good , too.

This is the greenhouse after I moved some stuff outside.  I couldn't even get to the back to check the walkway!

Here's what I moved outside.

It was too dark to get a pic when I moved all those flats back inside the greenhouse.  I transplanted quite a few things, which means more pots to find space for.  I literally have plants spilling out the door of the greenhouse.  I have no room to start the squash and melons!  I hope I sell a lot at the first market...I really need the space!

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