Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I have become disenchanted ...with chickens.  The free range idea of chickens, anyway.  Every single thing on my porch is covered...literally covered....with bird squirt.  Why, with all these acres to poop on, do the KFC wannabes have to do their business on the porch??

Granted, we got busy and let the butchering get away from us, so we were overrun with the potentially tasty feathered fiends.  No more, I say!!

Eöl has been building new chicken tractors.  In the meantime, the chickens are getting penned up.  I have a garden to plant.  Not possible with the cluck-heads following me around to dig up every seed.

In a month or so, I may once again love chickens (in some form other than fried or roasted).   That is, after the 500 pounds of chicken manure is removed from the mower, the shed porch, the back stairs, the driveway, the firewood stack, the walkways....you get the idea....


D.Hausmann said...

Try to keep the faith regarding your chickens. We had the same problem only worse. My wife and I are Master Gardeners so enjoy a large variety of plants. Our chickens were destroying everything. We finally got around to fencing the pasture and included the chicken coop in the fenced area. Amazingly the chickens now stay in the Coop, Goat Barn, or pasture, who knew! I piled dirt so they couldn't get under gates and they don't seem interested in getting thru or over the four foot hog wire fence, yes life is good again.

Country Wife said...

The annoying feathered pests ate most of my perennials, too. Glad to have them penned up again!