Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Full house

My greenhouse is stuffed.  I need a bigger one!!  You can't tell by the pic, but the greenhouse is 10' x 20'.  That's 200 square feet of green!!

Or maybe I just need to organize it a little better. Eventually, there will be benches along the sides and back of the greenhouse, so the plants will be off the floor and easier to move around. Right now, it's a game of hopscotch just to get to the flats in the back.

Everything looks pretty good, though, despite the very cold nights.  

When the temps started to dip, I put the brooder light in the greenhouse to help keep the temp above freezing.  We had this lovely, eerie red glow at night.

Then the temps took a real dip, so we ran out and picked up a second brooder light.  They were out of the red lights, so we got the white.  I'm just waiting for the sheriff to stop by to see if we are growing anything illegal.  I hope they know tomato plants when they see them!

Just me, being a goob in the greenhouse. 

Thanks to Little Sis for the pics!!

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