Saturday, February 11, 2012

Hurry! Post while no one is in the room!!

Now let's see how long it takes for people to wander in and start talking to me.  :)  I am seriously thinking of investing in a laptop so that I can post from locked in the bathroom, in a tree, in the garden, in the chicken house, in a box, with a fox, here or there... or just hiding under some brush in the yard.  I have another desktop in my room, but as soon as I go in there to post, guess where everyone ends up?

I'm still starting seeds.  I have three flats of soil ready to plant, but I thought I'd do this post first.  The flats I am using are rescued from the dumpster at work recycled; each flat/tray has 72 cells.  If I plant more than one variety per flat, I try to leave an empty row in between, in case of stray seeds.

Here's what I have so far, in addition to the ones listed earlier.

Thyme - 72
Sun Gold Cherry Tomato - 72 (I'm anxious to try these; I've heard they are one of the sweetest around.)
Ace Pepper (a really amazing hybrid pepper that produces early) - 72
False Alarm Hybrid jalapeno - 32  (This is a low heat jalapeno, supposedly.  I've never tried it before.  The last time I thought I grew some "no heat" jalapenos, I got a mouthful of hothothot surprise.)
Eva Purple Ball Tomato - 36
Sage - 72
Viola - 72
Sweet Basil - 24
Goji Berries - 72
Serata Basil - 48
Oregano - 36
Queenette Basil - 36
Celebrity Tomato - 72  (These are hybrid but oh-so-tasty and easy to grow.)
Chocolate Cherry Tomato - 30
Black Prince Tomato - 36
Striped German Tomato - 30
Great White Tomato - 36

I still have more tomatoes and herbs to start, and later on I'll have the cucumbers, squash, etc, to start.  I can't wait to get the greenhouse rebuilt!  I couldn't use it right now, anyway; we have a negative 5 windchill.  Brrrr!

Oh...I think it was only ten minutes before someone wandered in to ask what I was doing. *sigh*

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Carolyn Renee said...

I do a lot of my blogging & blog reading in the bathroom while DD is in the bathtub....laptops are very useful!