Friday, February 10, 2012

Happy little

Points to you if you got the Bob Ross reference. :)

The seedlings are doing great.  Everyone gets a turn in the window seat...which means the trays get rotated on the table, as well as turned at least twice daily.  

When seedlings are reaching for the sun, it's time to turn them so they face the opposite direction.  This gives the stems a healthy workout, and helps keep them from being too leggy.  Kind of like those back and forth waist exercises Jane Fonda forced us to do in the 80's.  Don't forget to gently (you don't want to flatten the little buggers) brush your hand across the seedlings a few times a day.  This simulates the wind and/or passing critters, and releases a hormone that gives the plant a stronger stem.

I'm attempting to grow Goji Berry plants from seed, for the first time ever.  It's going to be an adventure.  The seeds have to sit in the dark until they sprout, and then be moved gradually into the sun.  First I was faced with finding enough sunny/light locations, and now I have to find a dark spot, which is harder than you would think. I also have to remember to water them...out of sight, out of mind, and all that rot.  I've never even eaten Goji berries, but I thought the plants would sell well at market.  It was a small investment, so no big loss if the plants don't sell.  Although, if I am stuck with 72 Goji plants, I'll be selling ..or eating...a lot of berries.

I'm hoping to find room, in the light, for just a few more flats...maybe a dozen. *grins*  I only have 20 planted so far.  *rolls eyes*  Yes, that's a lot.  

With the weather being what it is... unpredictable...this time of year, we've opted to wait till toward the end of the month to rebuild the greenhouse.  By then, maybe we can have a free day that doesn't involve snow or rain.  The sunny weather always falls on the days we are too busy to work outside.  Murphy's law, I guess.  I'm going to find this Murphy guy and teach him a thing or two about making these laws. Ha.

I'd planned to post more, but now I can't remember what it was I wanted to say.  I'm either getting senile, or being interrupted 47 times in less than an hour is ruining my concentration.  

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