Sunday, January 29, 2012


Hooray! Seeds have started to arrive!  Two shipments arrived Saturday, and I still have a package waiting at the PO because it wouldn't fit in the mailbox. *giggles maniacally*  And there are more on the way!! **swoon**

Here's my shipment from Baker Creek:
 I've ordered from them before. I love the new packaging, but would it kill them to list "days to harvest" on the package?

They included this nice little bonus:

The shipment from Pinetree:
 This one, from Pinetree, was a test order.  I'd read a lot of bad reviews online.  Some people said it took weeks to get their order. Mine only took three days.

Of course I've been playing in the dirt.  Here's what I've started so far, and how many of each:

Roma tomato - 144
Japanese Black Trifele tomato - 24
Striped Cavern tomato - 18
Sub-Arctic Plenty tomato - 18
Tiny Tim Patio Tomato - 36
Tess' Land Race Currant Tomato - 30
Serrano Chili Pepper - 36
Burpee Green Gooseberry Tomato - 30
Japanese White Egg Eggplant - 72
King of the North Pepper - 23
Thai Hot Pepper - 42
Big Jim Chili Pepper - 72
Keystone Resistant Giant Bell Pepper - 72
Bloody Butcher Tomato - 12
Delicious tomato - 18
Rutgers Tomato - 12
Homestead Tomato - 12

Total: 671 seeds started

The Roma were started on the 23rd.

Now to get the greenhouse put back together!  Eöl picked up some hardware, but the weather hasn't cooperated.  We've had snow and 50 mph wind gusts.  For now, the greenhouse is safely flattened on the ground.  It's not doing my plants any good, but at least it's not blowing away...with me attached. 

When I pick up my package at the PO, I know I'm going to do that junkie-jitter-dance-thing.  I need to start more seeds, but I'm out of table space.  I am seriously thinking of picking up a second table.  The trays in the pic are on one of those long folding tables.  I've gotten a lot of use out of it:  canning, butchering, seeds, cookouts, and farmers market.  Another one would be handy, right?  I could use it in the greenhouse, as well as all those other great uses. talked me into it. :)  

More seed pics to come!

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