Saturday, December 10, 2011

Oh. My. Soul.

It started on Thanksgiving.  The rolls weren't done. I mean: they were done, but not that perfect, flaky, crusty wonderfulness that makes homemade rolls the shiz.  Turns out the bottom burner in the oven died - after the turkey and desserts were all baked, thank goodness, so that wasn't so bad.

I started to get a sore throat.  No big deal, I thought, just sinus issues.  Then I was so tired...I wanted to sleep all the time. I had a fever, and an upper respiratory infection. But I lived.  (If you were hoping otherwise: Nya nya nya!!)

Eöl left for work, as usual.  He usually texts me when he gets there, so I was surprised when my phone rang with his ring tone.  I answered, but he didn't say anything.  I thought he'd ghost called me...or whatever you call it when your back pocket makes a call without your consent.  I shouted hello a couple of times, to let him know his pocket was making illicit calls, and then I heard someone say, "Are you ok?"  The call ended.  My heart nearly stopped.  I called him back and got a busy signal.  How does that even happen with phones anymore?  Call waiting, etc, and I get a busy signal.  I was freaking out. All I could picture was Eöl, prostrate in a ditch somewhere, calling me for help.  Thankfully, I got through on the next call, and yes, he'd been in an accident, but he was fine.  In fact, everyone involved was fine. A police officer that happened to be nearby had distracted him during the first call, so Eöl didn't realize I had answered.

By the way, a special thanks to my mom for picking him up and bringing him home.  He was shaken up, I was shaken up, and I didn't know whether to hug him to death or beat him with something handy, like maybe a goose, for scaring the ever lovin' heck outta me.

Our car, however, was not fine; I owe my mom another big thanks for loaning us hers. It would be tough, getting Eöl to and from work, mom and dad to their various appointments, as well as anyone else that needed to be anywhere.  With many of these appointments within an hour of each other, I was designated to keep the car and chauffeur.

After one of those very hectic days of driving at practically all hours, we ordered pizza.  A couple of  hours later, I woke up very, very sick.  I had more driving to do that day, no one else on hand to do it, and here I can imagine was pretty gross.  But I lived.  And once again, if you hoped otherwise: Nya nya nya!!

So there you have it: eating, driving, sleeping...and vomiting.

Where is the silver lining I mentioned?  You mean, besides the fact that I lived, Eöl (and everyone else involved in the accident) was unharmed, and the turkey was baked before the oven died?  What? That's not enough?

LOL  It does sound like the week from hell.  It could've been much worse, but things turned out better than I expected, considering our only vehicle was out of commission.

We had been car shopping already, looking for a second vehicle.  We've been a one car family for a while, but really needed that second vehicle whether we liked it or not.  Anyway...we were hoping to find something we could just pay for, something reliable.  Ha. I could've just asked for the moon, right?  Everything in our price range was "as is; no warranty".  Now doesn't that just make you wonder, when the dealership has their own mechanic?  Here's a guy that knows something about cars that can't give you any sort of hope this car will last more than five minutes once your check clears.

Our only car is out of commission; we don't know if the insurance will fix it, write it off as a total loss, or tell us to get stuffed.  The only thing we do know is that Eöl has to have a way to get to work, and I really don't want to run my mom's car to pieces.

After our poor luck car hunting, I noticed a particular car commercial on the radio, advertising something brand new and with a great warranty, for an amazing price.  I did a little research, but never held out much hope for a brand new vehicle.  I've never owned one, and I've never really wanted one.  Everyone knows they drop in value the minute you drive them off the lot, right?  But that  So, late one evening, after more driving (but no vomiting...can I get a hallelujah....), Eöl and I were sipping wine, looking at cars online.  Hoping for the best, we filled out the online application at a dealership.  The very next day, we drove off the lot in a BRAND NEW CAR.  Oh. My. Soul. .

Yeah, I know...all that blather when I just could've said, "I got a new car!"  But where's the fun in that?  And yes, it is that cool.  Not to mention all the fun we can have with the name:  Those better not be paw-prints on my Soul.  My Soul is filthy.  We share a Soul.  Save our Soul. Please do not lean on our Soul.  The possibilities are endless.

About the warranty, we paid a little extra and got the whole warranty extended to 100k miles, so it's not just drive train coverage.  If you are used to new cars, you probably don't appreciate the wonderment I feel; ah, to have a car that I can drive anywhere, without worry.  If you are used to driving a POS, then you get it, and yeah, it's that awesome.

I almost forgot to mention the main reason we were so interested in the Kia:  fuel economy.  26 mpg city/36 mpg hwy.  The estimated fuel cost for one year was less than we spent on our last vehicle for six months.  My Soul is fuel efficient. intense driving  period is over; I'm back at home, trying to clean, catch up on laundry (with the new washer and dryer, it's nothing to complain about), determined to get the tree up, and making jokes with Eöl about the Soul. "It's my turn to use the Soul."

A new washer and dryer and a brand new car - what's next for Country Wife? Will she stay the country bumpkin we know and love (or not, but still: nya nya nya!), or will she get all citified with her fancy gadgets, wotnots, and doohickeys?

Only one way to find out:  Stay tuned!


daclaren said...

So you never answered the most burning question of all...

Does it come with the dancing hamsters standard, or are those optional?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Congrats on the new wheels, and I'm glad to hear that things are looking up!

My contribution to the Soul-isms, courtesy of Aristotle: "No excellent soul is exempt from a mixture of madness." ;)

Country Wife said...

"...a mixture of madness." lol Love it!! This thing is practically a can full of mixed nuts.

You know, the showroom had a life-size alien, but not a dancing hamster to be seen. They probably don't do personal appearances, anyway. ;) I still think they are too cute, and wonder why Little Sis' gerbils don't get jiggy with it.

Kevin said...

"He was shaken up, I was shaken up, and I didn't know whether to hug him to death or beat him with something handy, like maybe a goose, for scaring the ever lovin' heck outta me."

I vote for the goose... those things are mean. Just be sure to video tape it LOL. Glad to hear everyone is OK.

Country Wife said...

Thanks, Kevin. Yeah, one of our geese is soo mean. He's always trying to bite me, but I hear him coming..the flapping feet are a dead giveaway...and when I turn around, he stops, looks around as if to say,"What?! I didn't do nuthin!"