Wednesday, December 7, 2011

And so...

A respiratory virus, a car accident, and food poisoning; it has truly been a week to remember forget.   I said to Eöl, "I've done nothing for the past week but eat, sleep, and drive...oh, and vomit."

"Oh, so you are a celebrity," he replies.  I just roll my eyes at him and go back to one of the above listed activities.

A quick update:
  • We've eaten more fast food in the past week than in the past year.
  • Our tree is not even up yet, which is some kind of record.
  • I have learned to catnap between car trips.
  • I will never order pizza from a certain pizza joint. Not. Ever. Again. *vomits*
  • My yard looks like a pig wallow from all of the rain and mud.  
  • My house looks like a pig sty because I have not had time to clean.
  • I should be sleeping right now but I'm waiting for my turn in the bathroom.
Although it sounds like things are pretty bad, every cloud has a silver lining...more on mine in the next post...when I get time...


Carolyn Renee said...

Looking forward to that "silver lining"!

Kevin said...

"My yard looks like a pig wallow from all of the rain and mud."

So does mine... and to add insult to injury... after two days of rain...we got snow. **rolls eyes**

So now I get the opportunity to slip and fall into my pig wallow of a yard when Im doing my outside chores. :)