Saturday, May 14, 2011

More random stuff...

It's spring, so that means my blog posts are generally full of random bits about the weather, work, gardening, and how tired I am.  You'll forgive me if my regular posts are a bit choppy;  it takes me at least two weeks to finish a full post, since I can only wrangle a few waking minutes here and there to work on them.

So...more random goodies....

  • We hatched our first guinea eggs this week!  So far, four have hatched.  We're hoping to fill the incubator at least once more with guinea eggs.  Little Sis also planted a few of the eggs under our broody bantam hens.  We're still waiting for results.
  • This has been the wettest, rainiest, soggiest, grossest, messiest, muddiest, flooding-est, stormiest, and coldest spring I can remember.  Did I mention it's raining almost daily?  Flooding?  Boot sucking muck from one end of the place to the other?  Yep, all of the above.
  • We did get a few days of heat and sunshine, highs in the 80's, but we are headed back into the cool temps (highs in the 50's) with mucho rain.
  • I'm working every minute of overtime I can get, which has left me mega-exhausted.  I can't complain, when my boss puts in at least twice the hours I do, is older than me (but not much), and never once complains. She's one tough cookie.
  • I started planting today.  I got a few beans in the ground before the thunder started.  I'd hoped to have onions in by now, but have been too busy.  I was going to do them today, but a wasp nest is in the way (inside a cold frame that needs to be moved), so I'm waiting for dark so I can spray them, then  hopefully get the onions done tomorrow, weather permitting.  (fat chance)
  • I need to re-plant the rutabagas.  The seed must've been old; nothing germinated.
  • We have a fabulous slug shortage this year, thanks to our geese and Muscovy ducks now free ranging.
That's about all the random stuff I can think of at the moment.  Now I'm off to eat some freshly baked brownies (recipe here).

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