Monday, March 7, 2011

A very confused Roo

Remember that Lonely Chick Little Sis hand raised?  He's turned out to be the sweetest Roo you ever met, albeit a bit species confused.  He likes to sleep with the cats at night, but during the day, he follows Little Sis around.  If she's inside, he hangs out by the window and makes goo-goo eyes at her.  If she's outside, he finds tasty morsels of worms and bugs, clucks and dances until she comes over, pokes at the goodies, and tells him to go ahead and eat it, she's not hungry.

The cats think he's one of their own and always make room for him in the sleeping basket.

His only bad habit is trying to sneak into the house when I carry wood inside.  Little Sis is begging to buy diapers for him and let him sleep in her room.   *sigh*  I'm putting my foot down about that one.


Carolyn Renee said...

That is just crazy-funny!

Love the picture.

Chicken undies, hugh? Good luck on that one.

Country Wife said...

Carolyn: Little Sis swears she's seen chicken diapers in a catalog. Knowing her, she'd just make some if I'd agree. lol