Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Reasons to look forward to winter:

  1. Harvest will be done.
  2. I'll have time to clean the house. Oh my gosh do I need to clean the house!!! It's livable, but barely. The girls have helped a great deal, but everything really needs a good deep-cleaning-all-over-scrubbing.
  3. Rest. No rushing around to get canning done or weeds pulled.
  4. Snow, sledding, and snowcream.
  5. Toasty, cozy fires.
  6. Time for baking.
  7. Time for quilting (lots of baby quilts to make!).
  8. Seed catalogs to peruse and seedlings to start.
  9. Hopefully, we'll finish up some of our indoor remodeling projects. (Stop laughing!! It could happen!!)
  10. The new baby!! 


Anonymous said...

and more blogging :)

I hope you post about picking seeds, hint hint.

Congrats on the new grandbaby coming!

Country Wife said...

Thanks! I guess everyone can tell we are all excited about the new baby! lol

Yes, it'll be great to have more time to post. I'm so far behind!

I'll do a post on wild harvested seed as well as seed saving from veggies, asap. Thanks for the idea!