Sunday, September 5, 2010

Is it wine-thirty yet?

I'm sitting here munching on a BBQ pork sandwich. I have been dying for one of these, so I made a batch of BBQ pork. I'm the only one that really likes it, but I announced that everyone else can have PBJ sandwiches if they prefer. lol Sometimes you just gotta be selfish. Funny, everyone else had BBQ pork, too.

I'll be headed out in a few minutes to finish digging potatoes...finally. Little Sis has been working on them every morning, but there are still quite a few. We only planted 50 lbs of seed this year; I think we've already harvest more than 200 lbs. of potatoes. I'm running out of room to store stuff, which I guess is not really a bad thing.

Poor Big Sis is practically sleeping in the pantry; her old room is where we've been storing stuff since she moved out. I'll have to do some rearranging if she's going to be here when Baby comes. Not that I mind...we are all excited about the new baby. I was invited to be with her at her next ultrasound, when she finds out the gender!! I can't wait!! We're all pretty sure it's a boy, but we'll know soon enough.

I'm going to plant rutabagas and turnips today. It may be too late for them to do much, but we'll see. I've been so busy that it just kept slipping my mind to get the seeds out.

Then it'll be on to the main garden area, picking tomatoes for canning. I'm also planning to harvest some sassafras leaves for drying, as well as a few wildflower seeds. I'm sure by then it'll be wine-thirty (half past happy hour).

And I guess none of that will get done if I don't get outside now. lol Yeah, I know this is a random post, but just in case any of you were saying to yourselves, "Hmmm, I wonder what Country Wife is doing right this minute?"

Now you know.

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