Friday, January 1, 2010

I christen thee...

Hubby is in need of a screen name. He dislikes being called DH; says it sounds like Doodie Head. *shrugs* Guess he's got a point there, though I always meant it to mean Dear Husband, Darling Husband, Dashing, Daring, the day dictates.

Hubby doesn't quite suit him, either, as it reminds me of the Ben and Jerry's flavor "Chubby Hubby".

Satan has been his nickname, off and on, for many years, since before his starring role as the ol' serpent himself (long story, but the filmmaker has gone on to real Hollywood stuff!). But that nickname, apt though it may be, just doesn't convey the Happy Go Lucky type of evil in which we revel.

Of course, we have our private nicknames for one another, but if I told you what they were, your eyes would burst and ooze all over your keyboard, so I'll spare you that one.

After careful consideration, taking into account all of his likes, dislikes, things that make him itch, stuff that just ticks him off, and an odd bit of, well, really bizarre synchronicity, we are going with a Viking version of something that suits him to the proverbial T.

I give you:


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