Sunday, December 27, 2009

Holiday sins

I confess: I'm a holiday sinner.

Little Sis was horrified. She may never recover from the emotional scars.

What could be so awful, you ask?

I ...**hangs head in shame**... bought ready made cookie dough! And ...** sobs**... ready made pie crusts!!

Oooooo the shame!! The humiliation!!! **Wails and Laments**

LOL...ok, so it wasn't all that horrific, but Little Sis was still pretty shocked. Even Hubby's work buddies couldn't believe it when he got the text to please stop on his way home and pick up a tube of cookie dough.

But, as everyone knows, I've been under the weather, and after staying up till the wee hours wrapping and baking other stuff, I didn't feel like tackling cookie dough, pie crusts, the national debt, or even finding my pj's. I was beat.

It all turned out ok, though. Even though I took short cuts, the world didn't implode and the sky didn't fall. Someone did comment that the pie crusts weren't as tasty this year, but I took that as a compliment. :) After all, the filling (which I grew myself) was still awesome.

We did have a nice holiday with friends and family. We even had a few surprise guests, which was very nice. We did, however, miss Big Sis and Big Brother. ((Love you guys!!))

After all of the excitement and rushing around for Christmas, it's hard to believe it's over. I'll be taking down the tree this week. I'm usually ready to see it go, but for some reason I'm not so anxious to pack it up this year. The lights are a nice addition to the dark winter evenings; maybe I'll string up a few strands to tide us over till spring.

Anyone making New Year's Resolutions? I'm setting my goals for the year, but I don't, as a rule, make resolutions.

We've already started seed shopping. The day after xmas, we were sipping coffee and perusing seed catalogs. Holiday bliss!

Oh, and of course the big news: We finally have snow!! I think we are supposed to have five inches by morning, which means we could end up with 8 or so. ;) I guess I'll go prep the sleds!!


35 page views!? You could just call. We miss you, too.

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