Thursday, April 16, 2009

Why is all the rum gone?

Things are hectic here on the homestead, leaving very little time for superfluous eating, sleeping, or blogging.

I'm wondering what the heck I did with all those hours I was home before I got a job? I can't seem to remember.

The garden is going in...slowly. The weather is not cooperating much. We've had very cold nights (and many cold days), snow, wind, sideways snow, and rain. Lots and lots of rain. I can't wait to move south!

So far we've planted:

  • Five pounds of red onions, with five pounds of yellow onions ready to go in the ground as soon as I get time. I got a few of those planted yesterday.
  • 50 lbs of Kennebec potatoes, with 50 lbs of Yukon Gold to be planted this weekend.
  • Carrots, bunching onions (those little green ones), radishes, and peas.
I'm hoping to get a lot more planting done this weekend, weather permitting.
I know blogger is going to screw up my spacing on this post, so please overlook it. I don't have time to figure it out now, I'm off to work.


Small Pines said...

Awesome! You have a real start going on the garden. One of the reasons we're moving June 1st is because first week in June is traditional planting date in our area. LOL How you holding up with the job! Good, it sounds like?

Country Wife said...

The job is still great, thanks Mouse. (Or do I call you Pines now? ) I'm finally adjusting to my new schedule and not completely exhausted every evening.

We still have a while before last frost, so the things going out now are the early planting goodies. I need to get the brocolli and cabbages, etc, out this weekend. It seems winter is hanging on for all it's worth this year, doesn't it?