Friday, April 10, 2009

Our first hatch

Last Friday, April 3rd:
Aren't they cute?

We only ended up with four chicks out of 42 eggs. We were 100% on the bantams, though, so after a little research (cracking open the unhatched eggs) we discovered that they weren't fertile. Turns out Big Red just isn't up to keeping all those hens happy. Well, one roo and 19 hens, that's a lot of work for the poor guy. We actually weren't expecting a big hatch since we knew our rooster:hen ratio was a bit off. We ended up with two frizzled cochin bantams, one golden chick of unknown origin, and a barred rock baby (crossed with RIR).
So...thanks to the wonder of the internet and some generous folks that had an extra roo, we now have Charming, our Blue Laced Red Wyandotte.

We were worried he'd fight with Big Red (our very mean Rhode Island Red roo) and not perform, but things worked out well. We put Big Red up in the coop, then let Charming roam with the ladies. He was challenged by one hen, and stood up for himself nicely, then strutted around like he owned the place. After an hour or so, we let Big Red out. They walked around ignoring each other for a while, then went after each other once or twice. Charming is bigger than Red, and not a chicken (pun intended), so he taught Red a few manners. Now they just ignore each other, mostly with Red staying out of Charming's way. They are both busy doing roo business, so we should see a better hatch this time around.
I came home from work the other day to be greeted by Little Sis:
"Mom!! Dad made cartoon eggs! Look! I took a picture!!"

They do look as nice as the ones in cartoons, don't they? lol Any man that can make cartoon eggs is the man for me. ;)


S Vandemore said...

Oh, that's so cool. You are lucky your roosters are "ignoring" each other right now. We have seen some real fights in the past. Just have the one rooster now. That's really all you need -- well, one "successful" rooster. lol. Happy hatching! :)

Country Wife said...

Nope, one roo sure can't keep 19 ladies happy. I think the ratio is supposed to be one roo: 8-10 hens. So now we are about where we need to be. They are both 'working', so I've got high hopes for the next hatch.

Chance said...

Long as there are enough hens for both, they will generally ignore each other. Those chicks are so cute! Thanks for posting the pix.

Small Pines said...

That is awesome!! Congrats on the hatch! Best of luck with those roosters! As for the eggs, the thing I always find interesting about fresh eggs is the yolk stands up so high!

Nicole said...

congrats on the new job & the chicky hatch it all seems to going on down at your place
we are down to 1 egg a day what with broody hens & molting going on
but i think poached eggs for lunch sounds nice on this rainy old day