Monday, April 20, 2009

A great weekend

It was an awesome weekend here at the 'stead. The weather was incredible: sunny and in the lower 70's, at least for Friday and Saturday. Sunday was still warm, in the 60's, but cloudy and it ended up raining off and on during the day.

We got a lot accomplished:

All of the potatoes are now in the ground. 100 lbs!! I can't wait to see how much we get as a result.

A total of 10 lbs of onion sets (5# red and 5# yellow) are in the ground at last.

The kohlrabi, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, turnips, rutabaga, lettuce and spinach are all planted. I should've had those out about two to three weeks ago.

We also went out and picked up our seed for the corn field (Kandy Korn), a half pound of bean seeds, and a few extra seed packets that caught my fancy.

I found some lettuce coming up in the garden where I'd let a plant go to seed last year, so I moved the little volunteers to a better spot. Soon there'll be fresh garden salads!!!

I think spring is late this year. I know we had more warm weather by this time last year, and I'm pretty sure I also had more done to the garden. We may even get snow this week. ugh. Will winter ever give up its hold?


Mary Rex said...

It was great here in South Central PA as well. Two weekend days in a row. It has been cold and wet, and then windy during most of my free daylight hours. I made up for it by rototilling, adding compost and transplanting from dawn to dusk both days. The soil was perfect working condition, and I found hundreds of earthworms.

Small Pines said...

That's alot of potatoes! It almost seems like that gorgeous weekend stretched across the whole country - everyone was talking about it. You must be so happy to get getting into the dirt!

S Vandemore said...

Has been very nice here the past couple of days -- supposed to be in the 80s Thurs and Fri -- oh noze! The rule around here is, don't transplant until Mother's Day or you might be very, very sorry. So, we wait, get the garden prepared and will be planting potatoes soon -- not 100 lbs though. lol. There's only two of us. What kind did you plant? We find reds do the best here. Clay soil -- ugh. Happy gardening you guys!

Country Wife said...

@ all: thanks for the comments! I am very happy to be working outside agian. It seems that winter is slow letting go this year, and the one or two nice days we get are something special.

@Snow: We are also supposed to hit 80 this weekend. WOOT! I can't wait!

So far we've only put out cold weather goodies. The potatoes are Kennebec, which store well, and Yukon Gold, which are an early variety. We eat a LOT of potatoes around here.

Chance said...

It was a *great* weekend here as well, and Vermonters were staggering around, winter dazed still, blinking at the unfamiliar sight in the that a UFO? oh no, wait, that's the sun. May 15 is the don't plant till then or you'll be sorry date here, but it is going into the high 70s here this weekend...I might crack and put a few things out. Sounds like you are having way too much fun over there.