Sunday, November 9, 2008

A new royal family, a wild nobility, we are the family

Hat Tip to the person that knows what the title is from, and no fair googling it!!

'Two glasses of wine and a random update' would have been an appropriate title, I suppose, but I'm in a mood. "No method in our madness, just pride about our manner!"

I've been working on the kitchen for a while now. We tore out all the cabinets and rehabbed the room when we moved in, but it really needed an update and some fresh paint, as well as room for my new wood burner. Our kitchen is the only place with room for a new wood stove, and it will work well for heating the back of the house, so everything had to be rearranged, and why not add some new paint while I had everything drug out into the middle of the floor? lol Pics in a few days when I get a chance.

I'm still working on firewood every chance I get. The past week was nice and warm, so I spent most of my time cutting and hauling wood, which put me behind on the kitchen. Some days I feel like I have too many projects going at once. Why is it that on warm days, the firewood stack seems huge, but on cold days, I think we really should double what we have... and then some? Speaking of cold, we have snow flurries today. ugh.

I'd hoped to get Little Sis' room done before the holidays. She needs flooring (her floor is painted concrete), and she is tired of pink. I'm personally not ready for her to be tired of pink, fairies, and princesses, but she's ready to move on to blue (blue!?) and horses. Never mind that someone (me!) spent a great deal of time making a fairy quilt to match her old room. Sheesh. Why do they have to grow up?? Damn those puberties!!! (A reference to Little Sis at one time, about age 5, saying she didn't feel well, and maybe she had the puberties.)

I'd hoped to spend a little time enjoying the house being back in order between doing the kitchen and Little Sis' room. However, I am now motivated to get busy on her room. Why? Because of the Dead Thing somewhere in her room. Ugh, the stench! Ok, I'll admit it's not our first Dead Thing. Here in the woods, it's not unusual for a small mammal of some sort (bat, mouse, squirrel, etc) to find its way into the walls and perish there. Yet, the new Dead Thing must be in her room somewhere. Judging by the stench, it's an elephant or T-Rex, so it should be easy to find. And I figure, as long as I'm going to end up buried in Barbies, toys, and dolls, I may as well get started on her room.

Maybe I'll find a triceratops to go with my new T-Rex. If I'm not back in a week, send a search party. Preferably one with Adam Ant.


jayedee said...

have contacted young indiana jones stop will come to assist you if needed stop says adam ant's got nuthin on him stop

City Mouse said...

Best wishes and good thoughts for the work on the house - you really seem to be making a lot of progress! I know exactly what you mean - wanting to take time to enjoy it, but starting new projects. It's a endless circle!

Country Wife said...

Jayedee, ROFL!!! But then, isn't young Indiana Jones jailbait? Nothin' wrong with the older one, though. ;)

Thanks, Mouse! I'm slowly making progress...sloooooowwwlllly. lol

Country Wife said...

Well, I can't believe no one even tried to guess where the title came from! It's from Adam Ant's "Kings of the Wild Frontier". So is the quote.