Sunday, November 16, 2008

Still alive, but send Adam Ant anyway

Still working on Little Sis' room. Yikes. Double Yikes! I haven't even finished cleaning out the toys yet. My fault, because I haven't really taken the time to work on her room. It's been a busy week.

Everyone have big plans for Thanksgiving? We are planning a huge dinner. And I have to admit to a certain sense of satisfaction when I realized that I don't have to shop for most of our dinner. I need to buy the turkey (unless we bag a wild turkey before then), the ingredients for the cranberry relish, and the ingredients for sweet potato casserole. But the rest will come from our garden or be made from scratch.

Hopefully, next year, we'll have raised our own turkey and grown our own sweet potatoes. I'll still need to buy cranberries and pecans, but I can live with that.

The best part of this Thanksgiving will be having family here. Ok, not the family of which I am the black sheep. Those people can eat canned turkey and gravy from a jar for all I care. Anyway, I mean my kids, and their kids, and their SO's, etc. I only wish my military baby could be here. Otherwise, it will be a wonderful holiday.

Our menu so far consists of:
yeast rolls
soda bread
sweet potato casserole
green beans
cranberry relish
deviled eggs
apple pie
butternut pie (I didn't grow any pumpkins this year, but this tastes the same)
blackberry pie
maybe an angel food cake

What are you having?


City Mouse said...

You are inspiring me to post my Thanksgiving menu on my blog. Neat post ... delicious! Didn't I used to watch Atom Ant on television?

Oh yeah, and I tagged you with a meme at my blog. =)

jayedee said...

you must be a member of the same family i am :-p and since my son's death, i've become a regular pariah!
c'est la vie
your menu sounds lovely....hope you get that wild turkey!