Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!

And Merry Samhain!!

Hope everyone is having a great Halloween!

Trick-or-treat for our area was last night. Yeah, I know, it's weird to have trick-or-treat on a night that is not Halloween. At least, it's weird to me. When we lived in the south, trick-or-treat started just before dark on Halloween and lasted until 9 or 10. When we moved here, we were surprised to find that trick-or-treat was rarely on Halloween. Different communities hold it at different times, on whatever date they choose.

I'd also never heard of trick-or-treat being limited to a certain amount of time. Most areas near us limit it to about an hour.

We do, however, get to have a Halloween parade, something I'd never seen until I moved to Ohio.

Our area, in particular, is amazing during trick-or-treat. It's like something from an afternoon tv special, or Halloween Town. Kids of all ages, and many of the adults, dress up. The streets are packed with fairy princesses, assorted animals, ghosties, ghoulies, and long leggedy beasties. People sit outside to pass out candy. Everyone is nice. No one is vandalizing anything, or throwing things, or taking candy from the little kids. (Unlike the city, where we actually left the parade because of a gang of thugs wreaking havoc and throwing things, cussing, etc.)

Satan and I dressed up and walked with Little Sis. Big Sis took off with her friends to attempt to beg candy, even though they should've given it up years ago. lol She and her GF were mobsters. Little Sis was a witch, I was death, and Satan was an awesome pirate (eat your heart out, Depp). Our costumes got a lot of compliments, and several people even took pics of us. Little Sis took one of her chihuahuas, dressed in a matching witch costume, and got extra candy because they looked so cute.

The most amazing thing about dressing up for Halloween in full makeup is that no one knew who I was. People I have known for years looked right at me and didn't recognize me. I guess I looked pretty scary, too. At least I knew why people were staring, for a change. I really wish I could dress like that every day.

What is Halloween like in your area?


Nicole said...

one of my boys went out with his mates trick-or-treating last night, as they have been doing it the last 4 years here, everyone was ready for them. they will be lucky to get away with it next year a they are all getting too tall.

jayedee said...

in all the years we've lived here, we've NEVER had even a single trick or treater! lol
we transport into the city for our kids to do their thing.....i charge them chocolate for being their transportation.......they're happy, i'm happy! *grins*

Country Wife said...

Nicole, don't they just grow up too fast? I bet they had fun, though!

Same here, Jayedee. We have to drive into the village (2.5 miles away) for trick or treat.

Nicole said...

i have left you an award over on my blog :o)

Kelli said...

Kids do grow up too darn fast. Jeremy is all ready driving and in his last year of school:(

Glad your halloween was fun, ours was peaceful for a change. LOL