Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The cold: she comes!

It's been pretty cold here the past few days. We've even had a few snow flurries. I guess it's not really early, but it seems like it. I'm nowhere near ready for this cold. I don't have enough firewood put up to last the winter, and I don't have my second wood stove installed. I'm in no hurry to see the leaves all on the ground and the heavy winter curtains go up on the windows.

I am, however, starting to feel the holidays approaching. Maybe you think it's weird, or maybe you can feel it, too. Halloween is just a couple of days away, then Thanksgiving, and before you know it, Christmas and the new year.

I've always thought Christmas comes too early in the winter. Wouldn't it be nice if Christmas came in late Jan. or even late Feb.? I'd have all those cold, housebound months to get gifts made and shopping done. *sigh* Oh, well, since no one bothered to consult me before putting the calendar together...

Satan (hubby) is planning to make some wooden toys for the grandkids, and I'll make them a few rag dolls. I'd like to make a few more quilted checkerboards this year, as well. But before Thanksgiving, I need to get some more stockings made (to hang by the chimney with care). We usually put up our Christmas decorations and tree Thanksgiving weekend.

Little Sis plans to make hats and scarves for everyone with her little knitting hoop thingie. I've never used it, but she turns out some gorgeous creations.

What sort of handmade goodies and gifts will you be making this year?


earth heart said...

You're right, it's been pretty darn cold here. Among other things I'm making homemade soaps and crocheted cotton wash mitts for some. I'm also working on an afghan which really helps me stay warm on these cold evenings. :)

City Mouse said...

It comes quickly doesn't it? We had a series of events this year that strung all the holidays together - a wedding in Sept, the Disney trip in October, Thanksgiving, Christmas - so I've felt like Christmas was right around the corner since August! It's cold here too. You're right - it seems early.

S Vandemore said...

I actually finished my "homemades" in September -- created birdhouses out of bushel gourds. They turned out great. I'll post a pic sometime in the future. Take care.