Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Finally, bathroom pics

The story of our bathroom begins with one word: GROSS!!! I don't have pics from when we first bought the place. My digital camera died about that time, so you'll have to rely on my description.

The bathroom was pink. Pepto Bismol pink. The toilet was this weird, low to the ground and oddly shaped giant pink nightmare, full of..I kid you not..paint chips. No water, just paint chips. The tile by the tub was broken and moisture had ruined the drywall stuff underneath. There was only the concrete floor, which I suppose was nice since we didn't have to scrape up the old floor tile.

We put in a new toilet, gave the room a good scrubbing and a new coat of paint, fixed several water leaks, and then pondered what to do about the missing ceramic tile. By the way, there's just no way for bare concrete flooring to look clean, especially with paint splattered on it.

The light fixtures were old and only half of each one worked. The mirror, which was enormous, was losing the paint from the back, so it had big spots all along the edges. To replace a mirror that size would cost a bloody fortune.

After the most recent paint job. You can see we put up new light fixtures (well, DH did), I installed the new flooring, DH put in the woodwork around the tub after I coated it with marine grade polyurethane.

Instead of trying to replace the old mirror, we put a lovely wood trim along the edges. This framed the mirror, as well as covered the splotches where the reflective paint had worn off. We also replaced the faucets on both sinks.

Now, for the most recent paint job. I started with a light green, which turned out to be neon. Glow in the dark. Ick. I painted over that with a better shade of green, which also turned out just to be too green for the room. I decided to mute that color a bit by color washing over it, and this is what I ended up with. You can also see some of the detail (oak leaves and acorns) in the wood trim around the mirror.

The pic below was taken with additional natural lighting, so the color looks a little different than the one above.

The two under sink cabinets got a crackle finish. It's sort of rustic (read: crappy), but I like it. The groovy boomerang counter top, well, I wanted to replace that, but decided to keep it since it's original to the house and in good shape.

I think this room was the one with the most dramatic transformation. It's so comfy now, and when I look at the 'before' pics, I shudder. No wonder so many people ran screaming from this place when it was on the market. lol


City Mouse said...

Wow - What a difference. It awesome that you did it all yourself. Awesome job! I really like all the choices, and you probably ended up with a better room having accidently taken more time to think about it.

Country Wife said...

Thanks, Mouse!

Nicole said...

it all looks great & isnt it nice to shower in a clean new room

Vamp said...

Ooooooh, ahhhh, great job. Love the transformation.