Thursday, August 21, 2008

Not Ready! Notreadynotreadynotready!!

Dear Mother Nature, Father Time, and the Channel 10 Weatherman,

What the heck!? Ha ha very funny...NOT! I don't know whose idea of a joke this was, but I'm not not NOT laughing!!

In case you jokers haven't noticed, it's the friggin' middle of August!! It is way too early for this sort of tomfoolery!! Leaves change color in fall, not in the hottest part of summer!! Thanks to you guys, I'm frantically trying to get the wood cut, as well as the garden harvested and the canning done. I look like a bee on speed!
And while I have your attention, make with the rain, already! It's downright crunchy outside!!


Southern Goddess said...

*wink* I guess it would be real petty of me to mention our tons of rain, lush green trees and plants, and upper 80 degree weather lately. Soooo, I won't...hee,hee. SG

Country Wife said...


Daclaren said...

I agree with you! We're starting to see some leaves changing in our area as well. We were surprised last weekend to see a few smaller trees already covered in yellows and reds.

Carolyn said...

I know.....a tree in my back yard is all ready turning and I have seen some others around here doing the same.

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