Friday, August 22, 2008

Keeeesssss Meeee!!!!

C'mon..just a leeetle smooch? I'm really a prince, I swear!

Prince Charming and his cohorts are recently tailless and still thriving in Little Sis' tadpole paradise, aka the kiddie pool.

We came back from vacation to find the kiddie pool a lovely shade of green. Instead of hitting it with about a zillion pool chemicals, Little Sis opted to open a home for wayward tadpoles, having found a whole slew of them in a very shallow puddle.

Mosquitoes decided it would also be a lovely home for their little wrigglers to hatch, so of course we had to do something about that. Not knowing for sure if mosquito 'dunks' would harm the tadpoles, we opted for something a bit

Just your run of the mill goldfish. We got 10 of them for less than three bucks, and by the next morning they had completely wiped out the mosquito larvae. I think there are still three or four of the fish living in the 'pond'.

It's been a fun science project. We've been to the library and checked out all of their tadpole books, as well as the frog field guides. I think we have about four different types in the pond.
And now...
I'm off to deal with this...

And this....
That's one peck of cherry tomatoes! I saved this bag from my last apple purchase at the Farmer's Market, since I really didn't know how to measure out a peck all on my own. lol It's about 10 lbs of tiny tomatoes.


City Mouse said...

Wow - the fish/skeeters experiment is really cool! I was wondering about the mosquito dunkers as I was reading it. Cool. Reminds me to consider that there is probably ALWAYS a more natural solution.

Country Wife said...

The goldfish were cheaper, too. lol