Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Homestead Valentine

Romance novels make me gag. Give me real sugar over saccharine any day. In fact, make that homemade maple syrup instead of sugar.

I don’t care for roses for Valentine’s Day. A rose bush, maybe, but not cut roses at $50+ per dozen.

I don’t like diamonds. I never have. I prefer garnets or blood red rubies, even emeralds.

I bet I sound hard to please. But I’m not. Romance is a lot more than a hallmark holiday celebrated with overpriced cards and flowers. (Note that I have nothing against chocolates. *wicked grin*)

Romance novels just aren’t real life. The part where the hero sweeps the heroine into his arms and carries her off to the boudoir, well, that could happen, but the novels leave out the part where the kids are fighting or the baby is crying or the dog/goat/cow/rooster is loose.

Real romance, the kind that lasts, can be found in all the little things. Maybe even more so for homesteaders.

Romance is letting your SO sleep in while you get up to do all the morning chores and make coffee.

Romance is getting up in the middle of the night to feed the wood burner.

Romance is a glass of wine and a walk in the woods.

Romance is donning full mosquito gear to go out in the field on a summer night to look at the stars.

Romance is starting the car and defrosting the windshield for your SO in the middle of winter.

Romance is when DH remembers to sharpen my chainsaw and ax before he leaves for work.

Romance is when DH says I look beautiful, as if he doesn’t notice that I am wearing grubby work clothes and have straw in my hair.

Romance is DH taking off his boots at the door so he doesn’t track up my new floors.

Romance is DH cutting down the poison ivy and peeling the dead PI off of the firewood.

Romance is holding hands.

Romance is always treating your SO with respect and kindness.

Romance is asking how my day went, and listening to my mundane answers about laundry, kids and critters.

I suppose my list could go on and on. Little things make me happy. Maybe it’s because they require an ongoing thoughtfulness, rather that one big expenditure per year.

DH is great with all the little things. All in all, I think I am one lucky gal.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


jayedee said...


what an awesome read this valentine's day!

City Mouse said...

Excellent thoughts on romance and the day.

Darn right!

Country Wife said...

Thanks, all!

**Happily munching my gigantic bag of peanut M&M's from my Valentine**

jayedee said...

ummmmmmm..........errrrrrrrr........i kind of "borrowed" your idea for my thursday thirteen! *cheesy grin* but you know what they say, "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery"!
thank you very much for your thoughts and the wonderful idea!

Country Wife said...

No problem. :)