Wednesday, March 11, 2015

I'm not addicted...I can quit whenever I want

My seed addiction is under control.  I swear!  I haven't bought any seeds this year!!

Ok, that's actually because when I was in the store, they didn't have anything interesting.  And because I just haven't had time to sit down and page through the seed catalogs as much as I'd like.

I have a list, though.

But the garden is going to be so much smaller this year (she says through clenched teeth).

I've said that every year, and ended up expanding most years instead of reducing.  Last year, we took the size down a bit by using smaller beds instead of one giant one.

This year, there's no choice but to reduce the garden.  This summer we plan to crack down on the home repairs and improvements, and we really can't tackle that and tend a huge garden.

 We still have plenty of produce put up from previous years, which helps, but of course we want our garden fresh goodies.  And if I don't get to play in the dirt, I just may go insane.

I'm already having plant withdrawal.  I plan to get some seedlings started this weekend, but nothing like my past adventures.

Nope, this year will be just a tray or two.  **gasp**  I feel faint just saying that.

It's just a small break.  Just one year.  Just a few months...Just one season....

I will never survive.  You'll find me in the *former* garden space, lying in the dirt, twitching.


Lynda D said...

Holy Cow, there is more seedlings in that photo than i could get through in a year. Exactly how much do you eat. Are you growing food for a football team? Scratch that, they wouldnt eat veggies. Seed Catalogues - now that is something we dont have here either. My friend Shelby from Fresh Eggs Farm seems to have the same addiction. Perhaps its an American thing. Like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (yuk!).

Country Wife said...

No seed catalogs Down Under?? WHAT??? Where do you find seeds?

I was still doing the farmers' market the year I had that many plants, so I sold quite a few of them.

After weeks like that last two, I'm tempted to go back to the relative ease of the market vs. my insane schedule now.

Country Wife said...
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Country Wife said...

No peanut butter and jelly? Vegemite?