Thursday, January 1, 2015

A new year dawns...

I was going to say something about the highlights of this past year, but I'm so stoned on cold meds that I can't remember most of it.  Not saying it like it's a bad thing, though.

The loss of dad was probably the low point, but I did learn a valuable lesson from his death:  Live every day to its fullest.  Even Little Sis is saying YOLO a lot more now.  You know it's poignant when a teen says it.

This was not my best garden, and we've decided to trim it by at least half for this season.  We want to do more landscaping and just travel and have fun, rather than be tied down to the homestead at planting, harvest, and everything in between.  I guess an 8,000 sf garden is still impressive, right?

I went back to work in 2013 as a freelance writer, and picked up an in-the-office-position of Assistant Editor in 2014.  It's been an adjustment, and part of that is me having to realize that I can't be all things to all people.  Remembering to take time out is important.  Getting caught up in the workaholic thing that I can be, not so much.

I went to my first Ren Fair a couple of years ago, but this year was the first time Eol and I have gone together.  Dressing up as elves/fairies is somewhat addictive and definitely fun.  Ren fairs themselves are addictive, but going in costume and having kids come up and ask for wishes, well, you just can't beat that. My fairy wardrobe is growing steadily and we are looking forward to this year's Ren fairs, for sure.  It's a great excuse to travel AND play dress up.

I'm seriously considering leaving my tree up until next Christmas.  Getting a head-start on that whole holiday thing, ya know?

This random post has been brought to you by the flu, antihistamines for sneezing, meds for coughing, and sinus pressure relief. Please overlook typos because the letters keep running around the page making faces at me.

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