Friday, August 22, 2014

100 Days of Homesteading Happiness: Day 52...or close enough...

I think I've lost count on the days.  Life is crazy and half the time I don't know what day it is unless I'm looking at my phone or the calendar.

Today's bit of happiness:

Baby Bear hugs, and seeing those chubby little arms reaching for you.  Can anything make you feel as important?  To be the one selected for the reach, that is fame and fortune all rolled into one sweet little bundle.

Baby smiles that show all four teeth. Complete with giggles.

Babies that can sing like Mogwai..Gizmo, that is, from Gremlins.

Smarty pants pre-schoolers getting the giggles while trying to have a temper tantrum.

Chipmunk keeping Bear quiet in the car by singing all the favorite songs.  Even sweeter than Mogwai.

Reading our favorite stories while piled on Nanny's bed, and letting Chipmunk fill in the words.

Watching Little Sis teach Chipmunk about touch-me-nots (jewelweed), and hearing that giggle each time a seed pod explodes under little fingers.

Asking Little Sis to carry Bear for a minute because "my arm is about to fall off" and then hearing Chipmunk ask Little Sis, "Can you carry my teddy? My arm is about to fall off."  Too cute!!

Snuggles and nuzzles and hearing "Nanny!!" said with the same excitement that teens greet rock stars.

Life is good. Being a grandparent is even better.

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