Friday, July 18, 2014

100 Days of Homesteading Happiness: Days 21-25

Ok, I know that's cheating to lump so many days together, but wow it's been a crazy week!!

I can't believe it's been since Sunday that I've had a chance to blog. Here's how my week has gone:

On Monday, I worked at the office, had lunch with a wonderful lady, worked some more, came home, and then went right back out to do some freelance stuff. By the time I came home, I was too tired to do much but lay on the couch and stare blankly at the television while some nonsensical movie played.

I know, that's not really homesteading happiness...but I was lying on my log couch and periodically watching the raccoons play on the patio, so that counts, right?

On Tuesday, I spent the morning typing up stories for work. Then I rushed to Columbus to pick up Little Sis at the bus stop. She'd been away visiting friends for two weeks. Seeing her again after that long is my homesteading happiness for the week, all rolled into a day!!

Afterward, we rushed back to town so I could make it to another freelance thing. But I got us a HUGE Greek pizza on the way home, and it was a nice evening.

On Wednesday, I had meetings, meetings, and more meetings. Blah.

Thursday, Little Sis and I rocked Warped Tour.  I am SO SORE, and tired, and sore, and did I mention I am way too old for this stuff?? BUT I got to MEET Bowling for Soup!! In person!! Jaret, the lead singer, actually struck up a conversation with me, just like any average person. How cool is that?? I know..I'm fan girling...but c'mon!! Bowling for Soup?? Not homesteading happiness...but fan girl happiness all the way!

I'd never seen BFS perform live before, and I have to say, they were better than I ever expected. Great audience participation, great banter, and amazing music. I love their sense of fun.

Little Sis got autographs and pics and the works from some of her faves, ran from concert to concert and didn't miss anyone, so all around it was an amazing day.

Today, I had two events to cover, a story to write, over 350 photos to sort through, a video to string together, and another story to edit. Still, it was a fun day. I took Little Sis with me for part of the  last event - an antique car show. She had a blast and got to meet some cool people. Mom has connections, what can I say?

My weekend plans involve the garden, maybe some berry picking, lots of mosquito repellent, and hopefully some mowing. I will most likely not be spending much time at the pc, with any luck.

Have a great weekend and pass around your own brand of homesteading happiness!!

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