Saturday, July 19, 2014

100 Days of Homesteading Happiness: Day 26

Today's homesteading happiness is all about rainy days.

I had high hopes of being in the garden today. However, shortly after my post last night, it started raining, and hasn't stopped. It's dropped to a drizzle a few times, and I got outside long enough to take a very squishy walk through the garden. Of course, while I was outside, the rain picked up and I got soaked.

The mosquitoes are loving this weather as much as ducks would...though ducks generally don't tend to swarm you to suck your blood. If they did, well, that just sounds like the plot of a very bad horror movie: Vampire Ducks Attack! It'd pair great in a double feature with Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.

Instead of losing pints of blood and stressing my already aching body, I spent the day following up on some work leads (I know I said I wasn't going to, but there you have it) and doing some housework. The laundry is slowly getting caught up, as well, so the day hasn't been completely unproductive. At least I have subdued the rabid dirty socks into submission - they are hiding in a dark corner of the laundry room, waiting their turn in the Evil Cleaning Machine of Doom...probably plotting to hire a team of ninja vampire ducks to attack me in my sleep.

And now I'm lying on the couch, letting the heat from the laptop soothe my sore muscles. Warped Tour is for the young, I suppose. At least the rainy weather is giving me a chance to recuperate.

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