Friday, June 13, 2014

Quiet in here

I know it's been quiet on the blogging front lately. After all the new readers I've picked up, I feel extra bad about that!

But, as you know, planting season is under way, so of course things are hectic. With the new (office) job in addition to the freelancing job, I don't have a lot of time to get things planted. And of course it's going to rain on the days I am free, right??

So...I'm still here, and I've got a few posts put together in my head, and some pics on the camera. I just need to make time to put them all on the blog. :)

As for the garden update:
The  beans are planted and doing well.

 The corn has been planted..and re planted..and then planted again. Some critters are going to end up... well... dead... if the keep getting my corn.

Ground cherries are planted, in addition to the volunteers. Volunteer tomatillos are kicking butt, too.

Tomatoes are going in..slowly. I have at least a hundred in the ground, maybe more. I actually haven't been keeping count. I have at least a couple hundred more to get planted. I hope to get those taken care of this weekend.

Some of the gourds went out today. I have two more trays of those.

Cukes are ready to plant. I don't know WHAT happened to my Sikkim Cuke seeds, but not a single one germinated. WTF??? Time to order new seed, I guess. Or maybe something got to the seed. I'll plant another tray and see what happens.

Squash is in the ground.

Peppers are going to stay in the greenhouse a bit longer. I may pot them and keep them in there all season. These cool nights could be an issue with production.

 Melons are ready as soon as I get the spot ready. I'm redoing some plastic for them. Pics on that to come.

In the meantime, Happy Friday the 13th!! Enjoy the amazing moon tonight!

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