Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Garden pics

There are more to come, but here are a few quickies I took with my (OH SO LAME) phone this weekend.

Remember the mulch post? Here's the same bed.

It has NOT been weeded. There are a few small weeds and a couple of volunteer potato plants, lots of onions, some radishes, and some beets are are FINALLY germinating. Mulch is da bomb!!

The new beds aren't all mulched yet, though. I planted over 300 tomato plants and we just flat ran out of yard to mow for mulch. I don't know that many people will have that problem, though.

Here are a couple of pics from one of the potato patches:
Potatoes and onions a couple of weeks ago
Potatoes and onions now
Things are growing so fast! Lots more news to come...when I'm not quite so tired...((stop laughing!))

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