Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Merry HallowThankMas

Here it is, the fifth day of November, in the year of the Doctor, 2013.  Here I am, looking forward to Thanksgiving and not giving much thought to Christmas just yet.  But then....*dramatic reverb*  I turn on the car radio, scan a few stations looking for something besides political commentary on the Affordable Health Care Act,  and there it is...Christmas Music!  And oh, no, not just one song, but non-stop Holiday Warbling until sometime in mid-January.   

Before you ask, I will confess:  yes, I listened.  Yes, I sang along, sort of.  I've lost my voice and have a nasty case of something sore-throaty, cough-ish, and feverish. 

I was on my way to the store for some cold medicine.  You know, something to soothe that nasty case of something sore-throaty, cough-ish, and feverish.  I got to the store and discovered....*more dramatic reverb*...Christmas Stuff! Everywhere!  In the seasonal aisle! In the candy aisle! In the middle-aisle-that-has-a-name-you-only-know-if-you-work-retail!  Everyyyywherrre!!  

And now, another confession:

I like shopping during this time of year.

*Gasp!*  Country Wife, who decries shopping, who would rather haul firewood, uphill, in the snow, than spend the day shopping?? Likes?? Shopping? WOT??

Sadly, yes. *Explains frantically* It's just that you see all of these neat things this time of year.  Things you can't find anywhere else (except maybe in the far corners of internet superstores).  Unusual things. Kitschy things.  Things like this:

Not that I have a particular need to own a ceramic goblet in the shape of Darth Vader, Yoda, or Chewbacca, but I happen to know a very geeky teenage girl that would love one.  (FYI: The term geeky is a compliment, not an insult.  Smart is the new sexy, and geeky is the new "Bow down before me, underlings!")

Back to my confession - The shelves are packed with bright, colorful displays.  There are gift packs of unusually wrapped food items.  There are shelves of  bizarre gift sets. (Need a Walking Dead sausage and cheese platter? Got ya covered!)  Makeup kits! Bath oils, unguents, and bubbles!  Gifts of chocolates in all shapes, sizes, and percentages of cocoa!  Oh, and the tool section!! Screwdriver sets!  Wrenches and hoozits and whatsits, both standard and metric! Chainsaws and axes and hatchets, oh my!!  

My current state being one of feverish ickiness, I found myself wandering in the store in a Holiday Enhanced Daze.  All those bright colors, full shelves, neatly packaged things blended together into a rainbow of Christmas To Come.  

Thankfully, I had a list, and just picked up what I'd come in for, plus a package of Cheetos.  

The stores are only an exciting array of Holiday Glory until the dreaded Black Friday.  The day the shelves are stripped bare and women in too-tight stretch pants wrestle over the last copy of It's a Wonderful Life.  

No, I don't become some sort of insane shopaholic during the early weeks of November.  I still hate spending money, and I still prefer homemade gifts.  I just like looking at all the pretty things, and then picking through the leftovers after the holidays - at 75% off.  

 Although, I may have to go back for those goblets....


Carolyn said...

I was in town this past weekend and was amazed (as usual) at the amount of Christmas crap lining the shelves. Some of it is amusing (Yoda goblets included), but sooooo very much of it is just, well, crap. Like, does anybody actually use that six pack of hot sauce or eat the cookies in the hot-cocoa-mug gift set? How about a nice homemade hot sauce / hoto cocoa & an evening with a friend? Ugh. Sorry for the mini-rant.

nightwwoodforge said...

you are so freakin awesome! Would you marry me?

Country Wife said...

Carolyn, I have to agree. It is mostly junk. But I just love seeing all this weird stuff. I have a Cow Jumped Over The Moon tea set that I found once in the Christmas Crap. Although I do wonder how much of that stuff is regifted from year to year. You could end up with a six pack of hot sauce from 20 years ago!

Nightwood, Didn't I marry you already?