Sunday, December 16, 2012

Global warming

Whether you believe in it or not, it's oddly warm outside.  Near 60 today, in mid-December, in mid-Ohio....freaky weather.  Eöl and I went for a walk in the woods. Not unusual, but we did it without having to wear several layers, which was pretty awesome.

We've been through very little wood so far this year.   It just hasn't been cold enough to have both wood stoves going, and most nights I don't bother to set the alarm for two hour intervals to keep the fire hot.  We all have heated mattress pads to keep us comfortable overnight.  On the nights it does get cold enough for me to be up tending the fire, need I say it's a royal PIA to get up repeatedly.

Today was so nice I should've been outside doing some garden prep.  But, other than our walk, we've been pretty lazy.  Sundays are just lazy days.  I can deal with it.  Spring will be here soon enough, with the constant work and chaos, so I will enjoy whatever down time I have while it lasts.

Although...I really need to get back to working out.  Little Sis and I will be going to another homeschool retreat in a water park.  Me?  In a bathing suit?  Right after Christmas?? ACK!!!  Someone get the Thigh Master!!

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