Monday, June 25, 2012

The weather is so weird! 47 tonight and 94 on Thursday!

 It was at least a great day for planting, and I'm FINALLY...almost...done.  I still have eggplants to put out. This late, I'll be lucky if they do anything besides attract flea beetles.

I don't have a clue how many plants I have out already.  Oh, and I still have some straggler tomato plants in the greenhouse that need a nice place to spread their roots in the garden.  I am going to need a bigger garden.

I've been working on a post or two, but haven't had much time to get them done.  I have market two days a week now, which means quite a bit of prep time - starting new herbs, transplanting things to larger pots, putting together baskets and patio gardens - just things to sell until the produce starts coming in.

Then there's the garden, which I'm way behind on.

 And of course I keep Chipmunk as often as possible, and those days are entirely devoted to stalking the noisy geese, gathering loose feathers in the yard, sampling peppermint leaves and searching for berries. When we tire of all that, there's the cow to ride in the playroom and a pretend stove with lots of pretend cooking to do.  Throw in at least one bath and a snuggly nap, and it's a perfect day.

So...I'm still around.  (I say that a lot lately, don't I?)  Just busy living life.

Here's hoping your summer is going well!!

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