Friday, April 13, 2012

My poor, neglected Blog

It's spring, so of course I've been busy.  But really, not as busy as I usually am this time of year, since I'm not working (outside the farm).  Still, I seem to lack time or energy to update here as much as I would like to.  I'll try to do better. I have a few posts in mind, just getting them out of my head and onto the blog is the tricky part.

So...lacking a decent post for tonight, how about a random update?  What, you are sick of random updates?  Ha! Too bad! :P


  • The plants are doing well.  As you can see, not a single surface has been spared; even the canary cage  has three flats on top.

I had to add a second tier.

  • We went to TN to visit family over the Easter holiday.  It was our first visit in quite a while, and we enjoyed seeing everyone and just catching up.  PLUS I came home with some great treasures!! Did you know there's something I love as much as plants??  Yes!! Baskets!!! WOOT!!  And lucky me, my mother-in-law makes these amazing baskets!!
MIL also made that neat wine bottle lamp in the pic.  There are Christmas lights inside it.

I should've used something to indicate size; this first basket is HUGE!

The Snake Basket.  How cool is that??  The piece of wood is actually attached.

This one is just awesome!
Thanks to Eöl's amazing mom for the wonderful baskets!! I get so excited over these things, jumping around like a little kid when she shows them to me.  I try really hard not to drool on her floors. 

Oh, and of course a HUGE thanks to my mom for looking after my plants while I was gone.  Turns out she has a green thumb, after all.  I knew I had get it from somewhere!

  • The trip was beautiful.  It is a little shocking to go from mountains to flatlands in just a few hours, though.  Thanks to Little Sis for these great pics.

More posts to come...I promise.


Marie Wreath said...

Welcome back!! Your flats take my breath away. And they crack me up!! Random updates are the most fun. Do continue. : )

Anonymous said...

The purple flower basket really is huge - my 2 year old fits in it :) We had to hide it for you, or MIL would've had to rebuild it, LOL.

Country Wife said...

Marie, thanks! I hope the plants all survive the move to the greenhouse and the transplanting...I worry too much about plants, I've been told. lol

Theldara, you could've just left the 2yo in the basket...Bonus gift?? lol Such a CUTIE!!!