Friday, April 13, 2012

All of this is true!!

I literally fell out of my chair laughing about this.  I snorted lemonade onto my keyboard and laughed till I cried.  If you've ever lived on a farm, you will find this hysterical.  If your only farm experience involves Farmville, this may show you why most of us think Farmville is as far from real farming as a person can get (never mind that you don't actually go outside or get dirty).

6 things no one tells you about living on a farm

Once again, hat tip to Theldara.  She finds the coolest stuff online.


Kevin said...

I should have heeded your warning and not tried to drink my Mt. Dew while reading this.

Country Wife said...

I think I laughed hardest at the chicken stuff...bucket of...chicken. LMAO!