Thursday, March 1, 2012

A quick update/weather notes/etc

The weather yesterday was amazing!! We hit 69 degrees Fahrenheit, it was sunny, the sky was blue, and even the wind was warm.  Hauling water certainly was less of a chore in the nice weather...except for sliding in the mud several times.  We had storms forecast for last night, but they all blew right by with nothing to show for it but some stray lightning.  The odd thing about that was the crystal clear sky above us, with the lightning off to the South and East.

Today's high is predicted at 44, with strong winds, and then tomorrow back up to 65.  So warm for this time of year!! I could get used to that.  But noooo...we have snow headed in for the weekend.   Sure would be nice to have decent weekend weather for a change, so that we could finally get the greenhouse ready.

The seedlings are doing well.  I may have to transplant some into bigger pots soon.  I have no idea where I'll put all those bigger pots, though.

I'm planning a couple of "how to" posts, as soon as I get a chance. Right now, fractured rambling is the best I can manage.  Lack of sleep, stress, and tiny teeth in my arm are messing with my concentration.  Chipmunk is teething, and has discovered biting, which has become a favorite thing to do when I'm balancing little Chip and trying to type at the same time.  A not so subtle way of saying, "Nana! We should be playing ball!!"

And now I think I'd better go play ball before the little cannibal gnaws my arm off.

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Kevin said...

Hopefully the munchkin will get better soon.