Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A country point of view

I've known for a while that our view of the world has changed since we moved to the country, but it has never been as obvious as this week:

  • While flipping through a magazine, I came across a pic of a gorgeous outdoor kitchen.  I showed the pic to Eöl.  His first comment was, "How do they keep the chickens off of it?"
  • On our way to get tags for the Soul, we passed a shop with a sign out front that read, "The perfect gift for your tanner!"  I was about to ask Eöl to stop there, so we could see if they had any tanning solution on sale, when I saw the posters in the window of deeply tanned men and women.  "Oh," I thought, "tanning (darkening of human skin)...not tanning (making leather from animal skins)." Duh.
  • Watching an old Elvis flick with Little Sis, the folks were having a shindig after a flock of chickens had appeared earlier in the movie.  Once again, Eöl asked, "Where's all the chicken poop?"  *shrugs* It's a fact of life with a free-range flock, ya know.
It's the same deal with any movie we watch showing farms or gardens.  In the movies, nothing is muddy, poop-covered, or stinky; an entire village can be fed from a garden the size of a compact parking spot; freshly plucked fowl never still has feathers at the ankles.  We generally look at each other, roll our eyes, and laugh homesteaders that just know better.

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