Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Garden Notes

From my garden this week:

First Charentais Melon of the season!

Ok, you got me. Actually,  it was the second.
  We ate the first one before I got the camera turned on!!


As gross as it looks, it's good news in the garden. This Tomato Hornworm is playing host to a Braconidae Wasp party. Or maybe it's more of a daycare?  Or maybe just a buffet?  Anyway, those little white things are Braconidae Wasp larvae.

The crate in the back is mostly bell peppers.  It was ALL bell peppers, but I gave away quite a few.

Edible pod peas and broccoli. 

Crimson sweet watermelon.
Everyone says that ice cold melon is the best,
but I prefer melon straight from the garden, still warm from the sun.

The Cherry Tomatoes That Weren't.

The pic doesn't really show how dark these are.  They look a bit like Japanese Black Trifele.
They were supposed to be cherry tomatoes.

And these were supposed to be Green Grape tomatoes.
They are blushing, so will probably ripen.
I doubt they will ripen into a Green Grape, though. *rolls eyes*

The lack of cherry tomatoes is depressing.  The seeds were new, from two different companies.  It's not the first time I've gotten seeds that grew up to be something completely different than the package promised.

I also picked another two baskets of ground cherries.  I dehydrated some of the last ones. I'm happy with the results. They are sweeter than raisins. I think they'll be awesome in zucchini bread.  Now I just need more zucchini...

This has not been a great year for zucchini.  Granted, I didn't pamper the zucchini the way I did the peppers and tomatoes.  After all, it's zucchini, and usually I'm begging for the plant to die so I can stop processing the stuff.

Also not our best year for sweet corn.  I'm not sure what happened with that, besides the sneaky varmint that has been raiding the corn patch.

I have a tentative plan for next year's garden.  More on that later.  I'm headed to bed at a reasonable hour for a change. Woot!!!


Carolyn Renee said...

I've never had the wasp eggs on our hornworms :(

Nice melons! (The fruit, not yours! Sorry, had to say that)

Zukes were one of the few things that DID grow around here, although now the Squash Bastards, I mean Bugs, have taken them down.

Country Wife said...

Nice melons!
Why thank you!! They are quite nice, aren't they?

(The fruit, not yours! Sorry, had to say that)

Oh. Well, those are nice, too. ;)

I like that: Squash Bastards. I usually call them Squash Buggers. lol